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Ceremonial Embrace was formed in spring 1998. Before that group was known with name Chastise. Chastise was formed in winter 1996. In those days music style was heavy metal and band included four members which still are in the band. Chastise made one bad sounding demo in autumn 1997.
After that music style changed more and more black metallic way and in spring 1998 Tatu Polvinen joined the band. Name Chastise was changed into Ceremonial Embrace and the second promo (Promo ´98) was made in spring 1998. Vocals didn’t work very well and the vocalist was replaced by Jani Huotari in summer 1998. The new vocalist brought new influences into Ceremonial Embrace and the band did gigs in Finland. After that Ceremonial Embrace started hard training for the studio recordings.
”Beyond the Oblivion” promo-cd was recorded at BRR-studio Raahe, Finland in
8.-11.4.1999. It contains four tracks of melodic and atmospheric black metal. Nowadays Ceremonial Embrace is training the new material for gigs and for a new cd.

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